Sixth Grade Units & Lessons

UNIT 1: Mindsets & Goals

Helping New Students

How to Grow Your Brain

Trying New Strategies

Making Goals Specific

Breaking Down Your Goals

Monitoring Your Progress

Bringing It All Together

UNIT 2: Recognizing Bullying & Harassment

Common Types of Bullying

Recognizing Bullying

Responding to Cyberbullying

How to Be an Upstander

Standing Up and Staying Safe

Raising Awareness About Bullying

UNIT 3: Thoughts, Emotions, & Decisions

What Emotions Tell You

Emotions and Your Brain

How Emotions Affect Your Decisions

Managing Your Emotions

What Works Best for You?

Raising Awareness About Managing Emotions

UNIT 4: Managing Relationships & Social Conflict

We’re Changing

Why Conflict Escalates

Considering Multiple Perspectives

Respectful Communication

Resolving Challenging Conflicts

Making Amends

Conflict Solvers